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California Catholic Conference Biography

Pro to the question "Should People Who Have Completed Felony Sentences Be Allowed to Vote?"

“The right to vote is a foundation of citizenship. We require ex-felons to pay taxes and comply with the laws enacted by their legislators when they return to their communities. The right to vote, a hallmark of our democracy, should follow. Pragmatically, the restoration of voting rights promotes rehabilitation and reintegration into our community.”

Review of a California assembly bill designed to require the state to notify felons when they become eligible to vote, Apr. 19, 2005


“A state Catholic Conference is a Church institution which represents the bishops (and their dioceses) and allows for the coordination of the concerns of the Church in state public policymaking.

The California Catholic Conference staff communicates the California bishops’ public policy priorities to the members of the legislative and administration branches of state governments and works cooperatively with other religious and secular agencies.”

California Catholic Conference website, accessed Apr. 6, 2007


“The mission of the California Catholic Conference (CCC) is to advocate with the legislative, administrative and judicial branches of state government for the Catholic Church’s public policy agenda and to facilitate common pastoral efforts in the Catholic community. The CCC also enables ecumenical and interfaith dialogue and action.”

California Catholic Conference website, accessed Apr. 6, 2007

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