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George F. Allen, JD Biography

Reagan Ranch Presidential Scholar
Con to the question "Should People Who Have Completed Felony Sentences Be Allowed to Vote?"

“In the event that the people in the States who are perfectly capable of debating and deciding this [felon voting] issue as they see fit for people who have raped, murdered, robbed, or maliciously wounded individuals in their States and been convicted in their State courts. In the event they want to keep their law in effect, what will have to happen is you will have to have a role of registered voters for Federal elections only and a role of voters who are registered for all elections.

Then when you go into that election, assuming the States — once you actually conduct the election on election day — want to keep their rules where restitution is important, in a period of years to show they are leading a good life. Whatever the reasons, they want to do what they think is right, as opposed to what people in Washington think is right for them….

I don’t think the proponents want to go so far as felons but ex-felons, which would be, I think, a nightmare and insulting, as well.”

U.S. Senate debate of Equal Protection of Voting Rights Act of 2001, Feb. 14, 2002

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Reagan Ranch Presidential Scholar
  • Member, Reagan Ranch Board of Governors of Young America’s Foundation
  • Partner, McGuire Woods LLP, 1998-present
  • U.S. Senator (R-VA), 2001-2007
  • Thomas Jefferson Award for Distinguished Service, International Foodservice Distributors Association, 2006
  • Chairman’s Award, Northern Virginia Technology Council, 2006
    Champion of Science, The Science Coalition, 2003
  • Chair, National Republican Senatorial Committee, 2002
  • Governor, Virginia, 1994-1998
  • Thomas Jefferson Scholar, American Legislative Exchange Council, 1998
  • Member, U.S. House of Representatives, 1991-1993
  • Member, Virginia House of Delegates, 1982-1991
  • Private Law Practice, 1978-1991
  • Republican Nominee, Virginia House of Delegates, 1979
  • Chairman, Young Virginians for Ronald Reagan, 1976
  • JD, University of Virginia Law School, 1977
  • BA, History, University of Virginia, 1974
  • Born in California
  • Son of former NFL head coach George Herbert Allen (Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2002)
  • His brother, Bruce Allen, is currently General Manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL football team