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George F. Will, PhD Biography

Contributing Editor at Newsweek
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should People Who Have Completed Felony Sentences Be Allowed to Vote?"

“Although there is no constitutionally respectable argument to justify Washington’s forcing states to enfranchise felons, there are two conservative arguments for states to stop, or at least severely limit, disenfranchisement. One is a limited government argument: there is something troubling about criminal penalties that never completely end. The other argument is pru-dential, although not very plausible: enfranchisement, by diminishing the lingering stigma of a felony conviction and by encouraging a civic connection with the community, might combat recidivism.”

“Give the Ballot to Felons?,” Newsweek, Mar. 13, 2005

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  • Contributing Editor, Newsweek, 1976-present
  • Columnist, Washington Post, 1974-present
  • Commentator, ABC’s “World News Tonight,” 1984-present
  • Regular Panelist, ABC’s “This Week,” 1981-present
  • Recipient, “Best Writer, Any Subject,” Washington Journalism Review, 1985
  • Recipient, Silurian Award for Editorial Writing, 1980
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  • Former Professor, Political Philosophy, Michigan State University
  • Former Professor, Political Philosophy, University of Toronto
  • Former Staff Member, Office of US Senator Gordon Allott (R-CO)
  • PhD, Politics, Princeton University
  • MA, Politics, Princeton University
  • Attended Magdalen College, University of Oxford
  • BA, Trinity College
  • Born May 4, 1941 in Champaign, Illinois
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