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Jeanne Kohl-Welles, PhD Biography

Former Washington State Senator (D)
Pro to the question "Should People Who Have Completed Felony Sentences Be Allowed to Vote?"

“The right to vote is restored following a felony conviction as long as the person in not in total confinement in the custody of the department of corrections…”

Washington State SB 5530, Jan. 23, 2007

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Member, King County Council, Jan. 2016-present
  • Washington State Senator (D) – 36th Legislative District, Seattle, 1994-2016
  • Co-Chair, Joint Task Force on Criminal Background Check Processes, Present
  • Lecturer in sociology, education and women studies at the University of Washington, Present
  • Council Payne Leadership Award from Washington Ceasefire, 2007
  • SEIU Legislator of the Year Award, 2007
  • Progressive States Network Legislator of the Year Award, 2007
  • Anchor Award, Washington Credit Union League, 2005
  • Good Deeds Recognition, Washington Conservation Voters, 2004
  • Marching Toward Equity Award, Washington Federation of Teachers, 2001
  • Humane Hero Award, PAWS, 2001
  • Member, National Education for Women’s Leadership Program (NEW Leadership) Honorary Advisory Board, Washington State University
  • Award for Outstanding Service & Advocacy on Behalf of Women in Washington State, Colleges Women’s Programs Council, 2001
  • Former Member, Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission
  • Majority Whip, Washington State House of Representatives, 1993-1994
  • Member, Washington State House of Representatives, 1992-1994
  • PhD, Sociology of Education, UCLA
  • MA, Sociology, UCLA
  • BA, MA, Education, California State University, Northridge
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Quoted in:
  1. Should People with Felony Convictions Have to Pay All Fines, Fees, and Restitutions Related to Their Conviction before Regaining Their Vote?