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Right to Vote Campaign Biography

Pro to the question "Should People Who Have Completed Felony Sentences Be Allowed to Vote?"

“Today, people with felony convictions are the only group who are legally disfranchised [from voting]…. Today the United States is the only democracy in which people who have served their sentences can still lose their right to vote, in some states for life….

A bill to restore voting rights to people with felony convictions should have several sections, including Title, Findings, Purpose, Restoration of Rights, Notice, Voter Registration, Maintaining a Statewide Voter Registration Database, Education, Conforming Amendments, and Effective Date.”

Right to Vote Campaign website, May 11, 2006


“RTV [Right to Vote] seeks to broaden national public discussion of disfranchisement through media and communications, impact litigation and scholarship. RTV has also launched, and provides technical assistance to, state-based efforts across the country where the Campaign is using one or more of these strategies — clemency assistance, voter registration, public education, legislative advocacy and litigation to:

  • Remove barriers to voting for citizens with felony convictions;
  • Mobilize eligible people with felony convictions to vote, and mobilize currently ineligible persons in permanent disfranchisement states to apply to have their voting rights restored;
  • Encourage communities disproportionately affected by the loss of votes to become involved in the Campaign, and in doing so, demonstrate that the restoration of voting rights can empower marginalized communities;
  • Raise public awareness about the issue of felony disfranchisement;
  • Contribute to the building of an effective and inclusive democracy.”

Right to Vote Campaign website, May 11, 2006


“The mission of the Right to Vote Campaign is to remove barriers to voting faced by people with felony convictions, so they may freely participate in the democratic process. To achieve this goal, we aim to change policies, practices and perceptions concerning felony disfranchisement at the local, state and national levels.”

Right to Vote Campaign website, May 11, 2006

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